Awarded the "Yanan Honorary Citizen" Certificates

In July 2015, the opening ceremony of the Overseas Chinese Learning and Education Center and the Lucas Lo Teaching Building was held in Yanan New District Senior High School. 

Qiao Wei, Deputy Chairman of the Chinese Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese; Xu Xinrong, Standing Committee of the politics of Shaanxi Province and Secretary of the Yanan Municipal Committee; Zheng Xiaoming, Deputy Chairman of the Shaanxi Provincial Political Consultative Conference; Liang Hongxian, Deputy Secretary and Mayor of Yanan Municipal Committee; Li Jie, Minister of Personnel of the Chinese Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese; He Jining, Deputy Chairman and Secretary General of Overseas Chinese Charity Foundation of China; and Zhang Lei, Deputy Minister of the United Front Work Department of the politics of Shaanxi Province, attended the ceremony. 

Liang Hongxian awarded the " Yanan Honorary Citizen" certificates to Chairman Lucas Lo and Deputy Chairman Maximiliano Lo, in recognition of their contributions to local charity and economic development.

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