Exchange visits and patriotic education for young people in Shaanxi and Macau

In July 2015, Deputy Chairman Mr. Maximiliano Lo, who is the leader of the Macau Youth Patriotism Study Group, led Hong Kong and Macau teenagers to the Yanan Learning Center to get a deep understanding about the nation and learn about Chinese traditional culture as well as the spirit of Yanan. They went to Liangjiahe in Yanan, where President Xi Jinping worked as the party secretary, and participated in the unveiling ceremony of the "Hong Kong and Macau Youth Learning Center" which is sponsored by the "Overseas Chinese Charity Foundation of China - Lucas Lo Fund". Mr. Lo also made donation to irrigation and water projects to Hezegou Village, Wuqi County, to help rural construction and development. Besides, he also donated hospital equipment to Yanchuan Chinese Medicine Hospital in Yanan, to improve their medical conditions. Mr. Lo was awarded the "Yanan Honorary Citizen" Certificates.

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