Established the "Lucas Lo Fund"

In October 2016, at the Shaanxi-Macau-Peru Belt and Road Initiative and Economic and Trade Exchange Conference held by the Peru Chamber of Commerce in Macau, the "Lucas Lo Fund" was formally established. Main duties after the establishment of the Fund are:

First, to assist the poor people in Shaanxi against hunger.

Second, to support students from Shaanxi, Macau and Peru to exchange visits.

Third, to take part in the social welfare activities held by Mr. Ung Si Meng, the honorary Chairman of the General Union of Macau Residents Association. By the end of 2015, proceeds from the sale of Mr.Ung's paintings and calligraphy works have been used to donate 120 Ci'an Bridges to the poverty-stricken mountainous areas of Shaanxi. These 120 Ci'an Bridges solved the problem of people's difficulty in getting around, and helped transporting agricultural products effectively. Simultaneously, "Lucas Lo Fund" also supports the construction of Ci'an Bridges, irrigation water projects and health centers in Shaanxi.

Fourth, to subsidize and carry out relief work after natural disasters in Peru.

Fifth, to support all kind of social services.

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